Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 3 Day Course

The Course
This 3 day course will allow the delegate to design and create InfoPath based business forms. Delegates will also be able to publish forms to a SharePoint environment and use SharePoint 2007 to manipulate and control completed forms.

Who Should Attend
This course is for users who are required to create InfoPath forms and for SharePoint administrators whoa re required to administer forms.

Delegates should have a good depth of knowledge of Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, and be familiar with basic Microsoft Office and SharePoint functionality.

Creating InfoPath Forms
Explore the User Interface
Draft a Form
Add a Data Validation Rule
Test a Form

Customizing Form Layout
Format a Form
Customize Tables
Insert Graphic Objects
Create Optional and Repeating Sections
Merge Forms

Managing Views
Create Custom Views
Modify a View
Create a Print Version for a View
Assign User Roles to a View
Applying Security to Forms
Protect InfoPath Forms
Restrict Access to a Form
Set Security Zones

Managing Controls
Data Source Concepts
Customize Controls
Bind Controls

Working with a Database
Develop a Form from a Database
Use InfoPath Forms to Query a Database
Populate Controls Using a Database

Importing and Exporting Form Data
Import Forms into InfoPath
Export Form Data to Excel
Export Form Data to the Web

Distributing Forms
Publish a Form Template
Publish a Form to Email Recipients Troubleshoot Publishing Problems

Publishing forms to SharePoint
Forms Library
Forms Server
Activating forms
Forms as content types

List and Library Views
Default views
Custom views
Datasheet view
Submitting forms to an alternate library

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What our clients say

"I thought the presentation style and product knowledge of the trainer was first class"
Chris Balmforth

“I felt I learnt a huge amount about Server and picked up excellent tips for Project Professional. Thank you very much.”
Tracy Ireland
Meggitt Avionics

"AMT designed and delivered a course that totally met my IT needs in the time frame required. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to others."
Maureen Roberts
Stellar Solutions Aerospace Ltd

"An enjoyable course - relaxed and positive atmosphere"
Pauline McPherson